Lashes By Chandie



Welcome to Lashes By Chandie!

I strive to create the most relaxing environment for you, whatever that may be. Every person that comes to the studio is different in so many ways – Do you have particular music taste? Want to chat away? Prefer complete silence? Just let me know and I will make sure you’re comfortable and enjoy the experience.


Let’s talk eyelash extensions:

Each person brings their own unique beauty to the lash bed. You’re already GORGEOUS, but hey: why not enhance that? Using different lashing techniques I will not only bring out the best features on your face, you won’t need as much makeup for the day! (did somebody say time saver?)


To me, lashes are not about ‘making people beautiful’, it’s about making people feel confident in the skin they’re in. If I can do that for you then my job is complete.

I bring the knowledge from hair and makeup artistry into these services, approaching each client with respect and professionalism, and take into consideration all aspects of the person sitting before me. I have an eye for design, colour and balance: with one of my most valued strengths being attention to detail. 

My lash kit is cruelty free, using products through mainly Locks Lash. I also have a separate hygiene and safety kit that I fondly refer to as my 'COVID Kit'. If you would like to know more about hygiene and safety, you can click here. Explore the buttons below to find the best service for you, and please contact me if you have any questions.